North Humberside Forest Rally

Your online entry to the 2009 North Humberside Forest Rally has been passed to the Entries Secretary.

This automated response is not an acknowledgement or acceptance of your entry.

Your entry will be acknowledged when the Entries Secretary receive your payment. At that time we shall tell you whether your entry is accepted, refused, or a decision on it has been deferred.

How to pay: The only methods of payment are by one cheque (for the total amount) or, if your entry is made before 18th February, by two cheques (one for £50 the second for the remainder of the entry fee dated on or before 18th February) sent by post to the Entries Secretary.
Please ensure that there is a note with your payment which states the driver's and co-driver's names as entered on this form together with contact details (telephone number and email address) so that we can match up your on-line entry and your payment.

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Last Modified: 14 January 2009

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